What’s Happening?

As a community, we are very keen to build more opportunities for connecting.  Table of 8 is essentially a dinner or lunch party consisting of 8 guests, each person making a contribution to a part of the meal. Eg. It might be a starter, a main, a starch/veggie or dessert. Each host will open their home OR make a suitable restaurant booking as an alternative, for the 8 people who sign up.  Sign up sheets will be available at church on Sundays leading up to the weekend. 

Why 8 guests?

Research shows it’s the optimum number around a table for good connection and conversation. As we want everyone to have an opportunity to engage, 8 guests is not too big or too small a number for this to happen.

Dietary requirements or restrictions should be indicated clearly when you sign up so everyone contributing to the meal can be considerate of this in their preparation. 

What does hosting entail? 

1. Your name, location (not address) will be required for the sign up sheets, including which day and time over the weekend you wish to host. 
2. We ask you to prepare a suitable welcoming space for your guests to eat. 
3. If you’re looking at following a certain theme or ethnicity style of food, please let everyone know giving good instructions. Eample; the theme is gratitude or we are doing a French theme. 
4. You will be given the contact info of guests and you will be asked to contact your guests early in the week prior, to confirm all details and expectations. Example; which part of the meal they should contribute, address, parking, dietaries etc. 
5. You might like to prepare some conversation starters or icebreakers to get things going. 
6. Welcome everyone warmly and show an interest in them. 

If you’re a guest…

1. Be on time and make sure you come with food that’s been assigned to you to bring and make sure there is enough portions for 8 people. 
2. Offer to help with dishes and/or clean up. 
3. Don’t over stay your welcome 
4. Make sure you communicate clearly any delays, dietaries or other issues. 

This is a great opportunity to get to know some new people. Have fun and enjoy each others company around food.
Sign Up at Church on Sunday or talk to Pastor Catherine.

Every Sunday at 9am & 11am