Harmony Safe Church Policy


Harmony Church is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all members, attendees, volunteers, and staff in compliance with relevant New Zealand legislation.

This policy applies to Harmony Church. The policy applies to all those who are a part of Harmony Church. In making this commitment, Harmony Church acknowledges the shared responsibility of all Harmony Church People. Through the outworking of the Safe Church Policy, Harmony Church aims to reduce the risk of harm
occurring to Harmony Church People. It is committed to a caring and appropriate response, should any suspicion, allegation, disclosure, or complaint of misconduct or abuse occur. Harmony Church is committed to providing physical, emotional, and spiritual environments that are safe and secure for all Harmony Church people.

1. Background Checks: All volunteers and staff who work with children, youth, vulnerable adults, or any other at-risk population will undergo a background check before they can begin their volunteer work or employment. This background check will include a criminal history check and may include reference checks and other screening methods.
2. Training: All volunteers and staff who work with children, youth, vulnerable adults, or any other at-risk
population will undergo appropriate training before they can begin their volunteer work or employment. This training will include child protection and abuse prevention training, as well as training on appropriate behaviours, boundaries, and reporting procedures.
3. Reporting Procedures: All volunteers and staff are required to report any suspected abuse, neglect, or other mistreatment of any child, youth, vulnerable adult, or at-risk population to the appropriate church personnel immediately. This reporting should be done regardless of whether the suspected abuse occurred on church property or during church activities.
4. Screening Procedures: All church-sponsored events, activities, and programmes will be screened to
ensure they are safe and appropriate for all participants. Any events, activities, or programmes that pose a
risk to the safety and well-being of any participant will be modified or canceled.
5. Supervision: All children and youth activities will be appropriately supervised by at least two unrelated
adults. When possible, one of these adults will be of the same gender as the participants. Adults will not
be allowed to be alone with any child or youth participant.
6. Safety Standards: The church will maintain appropriate safety standards for all facilities and equipment
used for church-sponsored activities. These safety standards will be regularly reviewed and updated as
necessary. Staff and volunteers will take reasonable care for their own safety.
7. Response Procedures: The church will have appropriate response procedures in place in case of any
emergency or crisis situation. These procedures will include reporting and communication protocols
including submitting an incident report, as well as appropriate action steps for any emergency or crisis
8. By implementing this Safe Church Policy, our church is committed to providing a safe and secure
environment for all participants. Any violations of this policy will be taken seriously and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including termination of volunteer work or employment. Harmony Church aims to foster and protect a culture of well-being and wholeness for all Harmony Church people.



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