Awesome Power of Blessing

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Blessing is speaking God’s intentions or favour over someone or some situation. When we do that in faith, we activate God’s power to change a person (ourselves included), or a situation, from where they are now to where God wants them to be.

Every Christian has the authority and power to bless others in the name of the Lord and see lives and situations transformed. The power of a blessing is supernatural; it is the presence and work of the Holy Spirit, producing joy, peace, prosperity and fruitfulness; and providing health, success and protection. In this small book, you will find out how blessing works and learn how to bless those who curse or provoke you; how to bless your spouse, your children, your home and yourself; how to bless your workplace, your land and your community – and even God Himself. You can change your world.

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Format: Paperback | 84 b&w pages
Dimensions: 105 x 148 x 6.5mm | 79g
ISBN: 978-0-473-38744-0
Publisher: Richard Brunton
Publication Date: 2017
Publication country: New Zealand

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