ACTS – Apostolic Centre for Training and Sending

Faith – is believing in something when common sense tells you not to, it is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation …

What started out as a simple word of the Lord as an idea to have an apostolic missions training centre in Christchurch, very quickly turned into an achievable goal when the Lord opened an amazing opportunity to purchase an old school. The vision is to see a space where the church, community and culture can merge as one and individuals can be equipped and empowered by the Spirit and get excited about being a part of what God is doing in this nation and abroad. With waves of excitement and enthusiasm the project began to transform the old country school into a facility that can house, cater for, and provide teaching spaces for students, as well as open itself up for community events and groups to use as new ministries are birthed. As with anything that the Lord leads you into you often only see small parts of the big picture, and what started out feeling like a step of Faith, has very quickly turned into a giant leap of Faith as we come against opposition, stresses, and expenses that seem never ending, and continue to push on to see the first discipleship training school (DTS) running in January 2020 knowing very well that “we can’t, but He Can, and He Will” make it happen.


PRAYER – First and foremost, we ask that you would partner with us in prayer. The biggest battles are always fought from your knees, and we believe that for this vision to be covered and move forward it will take the consistent prayers of the faithful.

WORSHIP – We love the idea of soaking the property in prayer and worship. If you feel to go out to the school at anytime to pray and worship that would be greatly appreciated.

BELIEVE – With us in Faith to see a shower block installed and accommodation sorted before January next year. This will need to be completed in order for the pioneering DTS to go ahead.

SERVE – We have many working bees and ways to serve practically at the school.

COME – Come and do a DTS in January 2020! Applications available on our website.

GIVE – If you want to sow into what the Lord is doing out at Greenpark, then please give as you feel lead.

About Us

David & Hillie, have been involved in missions most of their married life, together they have pioneered new ministries, initiated church plants and supported long-term missionaries overseas, as well as being heavily involved in local missions. David is an electrician by trade but has a gift and passion for preaching and ministry. He has a Father’s Heart and an expectation for God to move in both love and power that draws people into a hunger for a more intimate relationship with God. Hillie is a born story teller and natural evangelist. A real people person with a genuine heart to love anyone regardless of circumstances and situation and see them mature into who they were always called to be in Christ. Stepping out in faith they bought the ACTS school and stepped into a role of elders and mentors overseeing the vision. They are relying solely on God to see His provision and plans for it come to pass. For more info, see the website here.

Every Sunday at 9am & 11am