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We believe in creating an atmosphere for those who want to join their talents with their passion for growing the local church. Harmony is looking for ministry-focused, Christ-centered individuals to help further that mission.

Our environment is fast-paced, but we don’t work hard alone. It’s much more fun to run fast when you’re surrounded by sprinters. 

Current Opportunities: 

Youth Worker  (2 Positions)

Do you have a heart for young people and a desire to see them overcome in life? It’s evident that school years are increasingly challenging for youth as they tackle all that life throws at them in Christchurch. What they crave is certainty, people in their lives that are consistent and can be depended upon. Could you be the role model that someone is looking for? We are recruiting for two individuals who would consider committing to our local school, Ao Tawhiti as a presence based Youth Worker, which really means – being there.


Position description:

Location: This role is based at Ao Tawhiti and Harmony Youth Office situated at 220 Antigua St. 

Position Objectives: To provide effective youth work at Ao Tawhiti especially in five key areas;

1. Supporting students
2. Building relationships
3. Cultivating school spirit
4. Leadership development
5. Integrating young people using ‘out of school’ activities

Key Relationships: This position reports to the Youth Pastor who provides team leadership and guidance.
Cooperation with our other Youth Worker(s) at Ao Tawhiti is essential as we are building a team.
Cooperation with the School Contact Person at Ao Tawhiti and building friendship through support of all staff.
Accountable to the Harmony Community Trust, it’s Director, Josiah Russell and the Board of Trustees.
Keeping in touch with your External Supervisor. Relationship with the Harmony Church Staff and team.

Key Tasks: To build positive relationships with;

1. Students and staff
2. Between students
3. Between students and staff
4. Between students and beneficial out of school groups

To encourage and strengthen young people in leadership roles. Explore issues of communication, self-esteem, and trust with the young people. To promote the development of leadership skills and to provide opportunities to do this. To co-ordinate social and outdoor activities within the community. To create a safe and fun environment for the young people in the community. To empower young people to be involved in the formation and running of these events. To encourage young people to positively influence others their age. To enhance the spirit of the school, in conjunction with student groups and the staff.

Attendance at specified 24-7YW meetings/training as required.

Required Attributes: No formal ‘youth work’ qualifications are required but it is expected that individuals applying for this position will have had proven experience in working with youth. It is also a requirement for a first year Youth Worker to participate in the Level 3 Youth Work Certificate provided by Ara (if appropriate). 

In addition they will need to have:

The ability to relate to a wide range of young people of highly diverse backgrounds, cultures and circumstances. 
Basic leadership skills with a commitment to receive further training.
Clear written and oral communication skills.
Energy, resilience, and self-motivation.
Ability to manage their own time, priorities and projects.
Ability to work as part of a wider team and to develop a team around them.
Commitment to Christian beliefs and values and the ability to model these in everyday work and life (This is a Kingdom opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus). 
Have a willingness to commit to the 24-7YW programme for a minimum of three years.
Have an understanding of and be committed to the basic ethos behind Harmony Community Trust and be a full participant of Harmony Church. 

Working Hours: This position is for 10 hours per week during school terms, plus 4 weeks annual leave. 
(One week for annual leave purposes is defined as 10 hours).

There is considerable flexibility allowed with working hours to match the requirements of the job provided that:

1. Hours worked average 10 per week by end of each school term and;
2. Some hours are worked every week during the term and;
3. You spend some time at school every week during the term and;
4. Generally speaking annual leave may not be taken during school terms.

Your employment agreement represents the authoritative statement on points 1-4 above.


If that sounds like you, please send a detailed C.V. and cover letter through to Josiah Russell at

Applications close, 5pm on 24 January 2022

If you would like more information about this role, please email Josiah on the above email address before the cut off date.