Happy Garden

If you need some help with general garden maintenance and tidy up we have what it takes! With years of hand weeding and maintenance experience, we can tidy up any section and restore it to a pristine state.

We rapidly eliminate unwanted weed and plant growth with our Happy Garden Stream Treatment! Our smart technology uses pressure and steam to kill weeds, instead of having to use toxic chemicals. We can cover large or small areas of weed growth and the effect is much faster than Glyphosate or other traditional methods at killing weeds. Our steam treatment is ideal for properties large or small – even schools and large sections. If you are worried about chemicals being sprayed and/or are on a time limit to get your section cleaned up, steam treatment is the best choice for you.


P: 027 242 1831 
E: hello@happygarden.co.nz


Every Sunday at 9am & 11am