Harmony Kids have services every Sunday morning during our 9am & 11am services.

5 different age groups:

→ 0-1.5 year olds downstairs in the Parent Lounge (self service)

→ 1.5-4 year olds downstairs in the Studio

→ 5-7 year olds upstairs in the Upper Room

→ 8-10 year olds upstairs in the Upper Lounge

→ Intermediates (Year 7 & 8’s) upstairs in the Boardroom

Other spaces include a parents & babies lounge, next door to the Studio, with a live video link of the service where you can control the audio for those who need a private or quiet space with their little ones. All amenities are available including changing facilities and supplies. There is also a space at the back right of the main auditorium for feeding Mums or parents and kids who would like to remain in the service and have their own space to settle their kids.


Each Sunday morning there is signage pointing to the area downstairs in the foyer where parents can sign in their children. Families sit together for the beginning of the service and then parents are released during family time to sign their children into the different spaces.

You can sign your child/ren in digitally with our Kids Leaders on a device – lanyards and name tags with scannable codes and a photo of your child’s face will be made available to collect, scan in and put on your child/ren. This also helps us with easy identification of your child/ren and their needs and medical information such as allergies.

Our leaders all have a heart for young people, are competent and super warm and friendly, making sure that the safety and well-being of all children is paramount!

There is a team member who remains in the foyer during the service to maintain safety and visibility of our teams and your children. All of our dedicated team are police vetted and are required to pass a background check and training before working in our Harmony Kids ministry. 

Serena Johnson – Childrens Ministry Leader

Serena oversees our children’s ministry, Year 1 to Year 8. She is passionate about sharing Christ’s love with the younger generation & seeing them get a head start with a strong foundation in God’s Word.


Harmony Kids Volunteers are a rare and wonderful breed of people. Every week they show up and give their all to assure that each child feels and knows the love of Jesus. They learn quickly that Harmony Kids is not only about kids, but it’s also a place where they can use their unique gifts, in a variety of places: check-in, small group leading, worship leading, teaching, volunteer leading. The opportunities are endless! Get started here



Kids services differ between ages but typically are structured around the experiential learning cycle. At first when children arrive there is a time of play, they settle in with toys, games and friends.

We provide a light morning tea and then sing praise and worship songs together as an extended family.

Our focus is on embedding scripture throughout the journey and the transformational revelation of the gospel. The games, activities and tasks that follow revolve around experiencing, reflecting upon, and conceptualising the Living God and experimenting with what it is to live with Him at the centre of life. Prayer, contemplation and celebration are woven throughout as an expression of modelling an active faith. 

Every Sunday at 9am & 11am