We sincerely appreciate the support of each business in this directory. It is important to remember that whenever you are making a substantial financial decision, it is always a good practice to consider the following guidelines:

1) Ask the business for two to three references.

2) Get two to three job quotes from different suppliers.

3) Always get the details of the proposed transaction in writing.

It is your responsibility to research the business you are considering and remember, neither Harmony Church or our staff/leaders can be held responsible for transactions between businesses and consumers. We do our very best to make corrections and keep the directory current, however, Harmony can not be held responsible for any omissions or errors on this website, or for the quality of the work done.

It is your responsibility to agree on the price with the business directly and to ensure full payment is made in accordance with your contract/agreement with the service provider. www.harmonychurch.nz is simply a web portal to view companies that are connected to our church community.