We value friendship (connectedness) where people experience:

Genuine, intimate and authentic relationships.
Love and acceptance.
Time together.
Prayer for one another.
Practical help in times of need.
Encouragement and appreciation.
Servanthood that is prepared to do hard work even though it takes time.
Support in times of conflict.
Feeling included regardless of status, gender or race.
We value family:

With intergeneration activities
We value hospitality that involves:

Sharing and giving.
Proactive welcome teams who help people feel included.
Lounge for newcomers.
Phone calls for new people.
People who are fun-loving and enthusiastic in their hospitality.
We value developing friendships with those in the wider community who experience:

Our genuine commitment, interest and love for them in ways that are relevant.
Us as friends who share our lives with them.
Have the opportunity to respond when they attend services.

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